Sunday, November 26

Rob and Big?

I rarely watch MTV but I was flipping through and found this peculiar reality series about skater Rob Dyrdek and his bodyguard/best friend "Big Black" and its just plain wierd. They are so close and they have a pitbull son named Meaty. Rob (who is kinda cute for a wigger) is 32 and acts like a twenty-something slacker, most pro skaters act like overgrown kids or dress like it. When they go to Ohio to visit his family, he tells Big that everyone will think they are superstars but it happens to be just little girls asking for Avril Lavigne. Sometimes you feel sorry for Black and how lame his charge can be, for example trying endlessly to teach his dog Meaty to skate with no resolve. But it is still better than the umpteenth episode of Laguna Bitches.