Saturday, November 4

Better (some what) Looks at Jean-Felix and Roberto Cano

As mentioned before in Extra Extr@ Ultra Hunks! it is rather hard to find pictures of Jean-Felix Callens, let alone shirtless but I was lucky enough to find this one.

Just like my fellow blogger, I took pictures from the television. (My screen capper only works for DVDs on my computer)
I found some interesting information on him online on this site. He is actually from Brussels, Belgium, not France! But French is one of their official languages (Dutch and German being the others).

At the age of 15 he began training as an actor in parallel with his general education which included a degree in Business and Marketing. A puzzler!

Jean-FĂ©lix has worked as an actor and voice over artist in the UK, Belgium and France.

No, this is him getting up from sleep. Oh, thats misleading as well. Oh well!

For good measure, here some bad pics of Robert Cano. (They look worse because they are from a different monitor)

Here he is preparing to take his pants off to swim in the pool.

Unfortunately my picture phone takes too long to load a pic and I missed him in his swimming trunks.

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