Friday, November 24

MGM's Various Lions

One of the most notable and long standing movie company logos is MGM's Lion. The lion is even nicknamed 'Leo the Lion' but did you know there were different lions throughout the years?

Slats was used from 1924-1928. He died 1938 after being able to be seen in studio tours.

Jackie was used from 1928–1956. Jackie was also the first MGM lion whose roar (which was more likely a number of soft growls) was heard by audiences of the Silent Film Era - via a gramophone record.

This is Tanner, the one I liked the most--the only one I was truly afraid of. Used 1938-1956, most frequently used throughout the 'Golden Age of Hollywood'.

This one was used through 1957 to 1983, the one I remember the most, probably due to Tom & Jerry.

This unnamed lion has been used since 1982 to present, the logo itself since 1987. There have been many variations. Check it out.

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