Thursday, November 23

Disney actually invited a Sentai castmember to DisneyWorld!

Let me catch all of you to speed...
Disney owns Power Rangers.
Power Rangers originally comes from Japan, a 30 year old enterprise known as 'Super Sentai.'

The current series in the U.S. Power Rangers Mystic Force was Magiranger in 2005, while this year's Boukenger will become Power Rangers Operation Overdrive in 2007.

Magiranger (2005) = Mystic Force (2006)
Boukenger (2006) = Operations Overdrive (2007)

Now, you would think Disney would not give a flying Dumbo about the series of origin or the former stars of said series. But to my surprise, one of the former stars of Magiranger, Ayumi Beppu (Who portrayed Houka Ozu/Magi Pink) was invited to Disneyworld to participate in a parade (unknown which one or the significance) and got to be with the costumed Power Rangers of MGM studios and her counterpart the Pink Mystic Force Ranger. Unfortunately she couldn't take pics. What makes one wonder is why they invited her and what for.

Click to see her blog that is in Japanese Kanji.

Bascially here is a rough translation:
"pawaa renjaa
Do you guys know what this is? I'm sending a post from Disney World. I posed alongside Magi Pink, Mickey, Ariel and Stitch. Like do you guys wonder why? That's righ, even overseas the glory of Magiranger is shown on TV screens as a remake. This remake is not airing in Japan but I had chances of seeing it on video several times. There's many differences between Magiranger and PRMF, after all it's just a remake but I think it's very interesting. Power Rangers seems to be extremely popular and active here overseas. It's a shame there wasn't a chance of me being photographed.. me along side costumed Deka Red (Red SPD Ranger), Abare Killer (White Dino Ranger). So I felt like a princess (as you can tell by her animation). I must return home so soon in 3 days... the top photo is me trying to imitate Mickey with Apple ears hehe."