Tuesday, November 7

What Happened to Clarabelle Cow?

Does this cartoon character look familar?

You may have seen her in the background of Classic Disney Cartoons and in books. Her name is Clarabelle Cow. Many times paired with Horace Horsecollar, her boyfriend who they have been enagged since 1931 according to Wikipedia. In the first cartoon he appeared in she was not given a name until her fifth appearance but before had another name.

This reference to this came to when I was curious about her. I always wondered about her. Even if she was in the Disney parks. Seems like she was. I don't know if she was discontinued or what.

Here she is in a Japanese review. What happened to her, her fiancee, Clara Cluck and others were not discontinued because they weren't found interesting but because other characters were more so, one being Goofy. More on her on this Wikipedia article.