Thursday, November 9

Great Performances: Nathan Fillion on Lost and Alanis on Nip/Tuck

Well this is a week later but kudos to Nip/Tuck casting by having Alanis Morrisette planning Liz's new girlfriend Poppy. While her first television role was in Nickelodeon's "Don't do that Television" but ashe has done some guest roles such as God twice, in Sex and the City, Degrassi: The Next Generation, and American Dreams. She had another side, she was all sweet with Liz and then a potty mouth about Liz's weight when she was under.

On Lost, kudos to the producers by hiring Firefly's Nathan Fillion. He played Kevin, Kate's fiancee/husband in a flashback. He is so hot and thank you for having him shirtless. Also, for him weaing a Miami Heat T-Shirt on and being drugged.

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