Sunday, November 26

Unknown Hotties of the Week 11/27

Will Demps
He is a 27-year old NY Giant, half Korean and half African-American.

He appears in LeToya Luckett's debut solo video Torn. He can speak conversationally in Korean.

Official site:

Tyler Hansbrough
He's 21, Hansbrough finished second to Duke's JJ Redick in ACC Player of the Year.

He's 6'9" and weighs 235 pounds. Nicknamed "Psycho T" by his teammates. UNC fans know Hansbrough for his zealous and combative play.

David Wenham
41 year old Australian. He may be a bit known but I bet you he is not a household name in the U.S.

He was considered a sex sumbol on the Australian Broadcasting Network's second season SeaChange.

He is best known as Faramir in the last two Lord of the Rings.

He did the Crocodile Hunter movie and Wenham read a poem by Rupert McCall at the memorial service for Crocodile Hunter Steve Irwin. The poem was entitled "The Crocodiles are Crying".