Monday, August 21

Super Mario Bros.' Other Princess

We all know the Princess in distress from the Super Mario Bros. Franchise. In the first games in the U.S., she was known as Princess Toadstool. To accommodate her original Japanese name Peach, she is now reffered to as Peach since 1996. Now, if you still play these games or a super nerd like me you would notice that there is another princess.

Well, the real Princess Daisy from the games is the main princess in the Gameboy series Super Mario Land. She wasn't used for years until Nintendo 64 in Mario Tennis and now a standard character for the Mario party and sport games. The only NES game she was in was the NES Open Tournament Golf as Luigi's caddy. Her first game in the kart series was Mario Kart: Double Dash!!

Some also may remember the small cult live-action movie the main princess was known as Princess Daisy, but we all knew her as Princess Toadstool. The producers probably picked Daisy because it sounded more normal than 'toadstool.' I like the film, I found it wierd and disturbing when I first saw it but I have fond memories of it. My nephews love the film.