Wednesday, August 30

Brothers in Arms: Former Child Stars

Watching the commercial for the upcoming movie Gridiron Gang starring Dwayne Johnson tambien concido como (a.k.a.) La Roca (how he says it in Latin American promos), ofcourse I noticed the only white boy in the movie about juvi football players.

His name is Trever O'Brien an I noticed him from...

The Disney Channel's TV Movie Motocrossed which starred teen idol Riley Smith. Trever has recently been on CSI, Ben Stiller's Dodgeball and Cold Case. He was a former child star, being in the movie The Midas Touch. Yes, yes I know he is still young but at 22, he isn't considered a child anymore. I mean Miko Hughes did Child Star Confidential" and VH-1 Where Are They Now: Horror Movie Stars and he is just 20 then there you go. Anyhoo, I degress. I also was surprised to find out Trever is the brother to another child actor.

Austin O' Brien. His name or face might not look familar.

But wait until I tell you that he was in the mini-dino movie Prehysteria!, the kid in The Lawnmower Man worked side by side Arrrnold in the cult guilty pleasure flop Last Action Hero and the love interest to replace Mac in My Girl 2.

Looks familar now? That is him in E.R., he currently was in A Christmas Too Many (2005) and will be in Defining Moments.