Wednesday, August 9

She-Ra's Pirate Boyfriend

I was mentioning She-Ra to my friend the other day and we were talking about how He-Man had Teela and She-Ra had that gay wad (yes I can say that) Bow with the heart on his shirt and showing off his abs. Then I mentioned Adora's boyfriend that happened to be a pirate. She said she didn't remember him. His name was SeaHawk and in the first episode he appeared in had his name on it (It was the sixth episode of the series and could be considered the second since the first five were tied together), he helped the Horde but then regretted it. He liked Adora more than She-Ra and became a long-standing guest star that was Adora's love. In Season two, that had about 25 episodes he only appeared in the season premiere. He was a skilled hero, having accessories from his father that he thought was dead but later rescued from the Horde.

Here is Grizzilor getting close to She-Ra's boytoy.