Sunday, August 27

Best Award show opening ever

I have seen a lot of award show openings where the host 'drops' in movies or shows in the Oscars, Emmys, and MTV Movie Awards. The MTV Movie Awards are pretty bad, they always feel forced and akward. Well, this one's host Conan O' Brien first is in an airplane and drops on the Lost island and interacts with Hurley. He goes into a hatch and drops into The Office and interacts with the entire cast. They even homage the show where Conan flirts with Pam. It was really funny. It was 'office' akward, not 'MTV Movie awards' akward. Then he ends up in 24 and not only one FOX show but two!.... He is diagonised and insulted by Dr. House. Surprise me that he didn't end up in My Name is Earl, that would be fun.

The biggest shock and the biggest laughs from the audience, he ends up animated in South Park and locks himself in Stan Marsh's closet. He pops out when his father comes around and Tom Cruise comes out as well. Lastly, he ends up in a house with Dateline, how to find a predator or something. I guess he made up with the South Park crew (who I skewered in the last post) since their movie which they had him commit suicide.