Sunday, June 11

Can't Escape Megalyn

You know you have seen this woman before. Maybe you can't pinpoint... On That 70's Show or maybe 24? I first saw her on Spyder Games (2001), MTV's failed soap which died quickly after 911. Soon she was seen again the first seen of 24 as President Palmer's daughter Nicole. She then kept popping everywhere from a wiccan college group leader in season 7 of Buffy to daughter of the principal on Boston Public. She then did a stint as Hyde's black half-sister on That 70's Show. Now she is on 4400, causing my eyes to roll.

They use her way too much! Now here she is to funk up my favorite show X-men lite: 4400. Not only did the resident freaky baby Isabel became a teenager in a tired Sci-fi plot twist, it had to be her! Well, atleast it has an explaination: she sucked the youth out of her mother, making her the age she should have been. Her mom became pregnant when she was kidnapped by future people so maybe she herself became the she should be now. Eh, whatever she funked up That 70's Show cast chemistry and she might do the same with her grade school acting.