Sunday, August 13

Sexy Guys in Movies this Fall

This fall there will be a load of cuties in the theaters, here is a light overview of some of them.

Stormbreaker, yet another movie where Ewan McGregor plays mentor to a young upstart. This movie is based on best-selling novels about a teen spy played by newcomer Alex Pettyfer.

Here is Pettyfer with firey hottie Damian Lewis.

Pettyfer is only sixteen years old but absoluetly stunning.

Super sexy Dane Cook goes up aganist tight hottie Punk'd, Without a Paddle and Zathura's Dax Shepard in Employee of the Month.

Here he has a embrace with Napoleon Dynamite's Efren Ramirez.

They look super-thrilled to be working with Jessica Simpson. I think that if this movie sucks it will be her fault.

Hottie from the James Dean biopic and the Spider-Man triology, James Franco will be in big screen biopic Flyboys.

Kate Winslet redemed herself with Eternal Sunshine of the Spotless Mind, now she will be in Little Children with famed stage actor Patrick Wilson. The movie is about a housewife getting it on with a househusband. Oh yeah, also a pedophile to complete the mix. Wilson will also be in Running With Scissors.

Another 'Fresh Face' for EW that really is a fresh face is Samuel Barnett of the stage and screen version of The History Boys. He plays a Jewish Gay boy.