Monday, August 7

Rodrigo Santoro to join 'Lost'

This may have bee announced on the net a few days ago but the first time I hear this but to addition to a new love interest to Jack, flashbacks for 'The Others' and more females, 31-year old Brazilian actor Rodrigo Santoro has been announced as a still unrevealed name character. Bald and supposedly straight Damon Lindelof says he will be as shirtless as Sawyer (Josh Holloway) and may be another love quad piece in the long-standing Jack-Sawyer-Kate sandwhich.

Santoro was in the Charlies' Angels 2: Full Throttle with no lines. He crossdressed in the reallife events-based Carandiru.

He will play Xeres in the most anticipated 300 based on the work of Frank Miller.

Good choice, Lost producers!