Monday, August 7

Birthday Pics of the Week 8/7

Usually on Mondays, I do my 'Unknown Hotties of the Week' that are unfamous athletes, models, actors and singers I find attractive. But it's my Birthday!!! So here are sightly known people but these are who I consider attractive. And they are all not American!

Martin Henderson
Well, not as not as known as some but he was in the American adaption of The Ring, in a motorcycle movie Torque and in the Britney Spears' music video Toxic. He is New Zealand.
He is Thirty-Two years old.

Jamie Bamber
Come on, this is hot! Don't tell me it is not. He is British and in the Sci-fi channel remake Battlestar Galacta and he was in Horatio Hornblower.
He is married and has a daughter. He's Thirty-Three years old.

Ryan Gosling
Great acting work in The Believer, Murder by Numbers and recently in the romantic hit The Notebook. He is Canadian. He's Twenty-Five, making him twenty-one months older than me.
But doesn't stop him visiting the States. In the embrassing bin, he played the young Hercules in duh... Young Hercules a Fox Kids spin-off, Mickey Mouse Club and in short-lived UPN series Breaker High.

Fredrik Ljungberg
Swedish Soccer star. Who should just stay as a model.
He is Twenty-Nine years old.