Sunday, August 20

Unknown Hotties of the Week 8/21

Santiago Douglas
This Puerto-Rican actor recently in the Exit movie as a crossdresser and his breakout film was Michelle Rodriguez's love interest in Girlfight. He took a break from acting to concerntrate on his music.

Tyler Hynes
Actor who 'has been a devote Scientologist all his life.' What? When since he was diapers or something? He's only 20 for god's sake. Anyway, you might seen him as Atreyu in the super weak The Neverending Story Hallmark channel mini-series, as the baby's daddy in Lifetime's Mother at 16 and the Disney Channel's The Other Me with Andy Lawrence.

He is one of the most recent child actors.

Reynaldo Rosales
Who sometimes has to credit himself as Reynaldo Christian, he has been on 4400, The Closer, Numb3rs, Charmed and Smallville. He was on the short-lived series Inconceivable and an Excedrin headache commercial a few years back.

He is Latino but I know of no origin. They usually cast him in non-Latino roles. He is has a very Hispanic name.

Brannan Elliot
He is the hottie Ben that tempted Diana to sleep with her sister's boyfriend in the 4400.