Wednesday, August 9

Cuban 'Exiles' Celebrate... Lemme Explain

Okay, it has been a week since Castro gave his power to his brother because he is in the hospital and all Cubans in Miami celebrated in Calle Ocho. All of ya'll seen them going crazy and rejoicing and it hasn't even been said that Fidel is dead yet! I consider that he is not dead until it is announced. It might seem rash. Let me explain why they are celebrated in such a way. They went through hell with communism. Also, the reason they did it so soon... now, I am trying not to be prejudice... but that's the Cuban way. They do everything early and preemptive. It's like if the devil was no more and hell froze, thats how they feel. Also, the reaosn I put quotes over Exiles and because they call themselves that but... hell they have been here so long, why not call themselves Cuban-Americans? They still consider themselves 'Cubans'.

Now I think if Castro is really dead and then after Raul's reign or whatever and democracy comes to Cuba, the exiles will want to be involved in rebuilding and that will be very difficult. Even the rumor that Washington, D.C. did not want them involved made Maria Elvira upset.