Sunday, August 20

4400 is awesomely confusing

Every ep is pretty great, a new surprise every week. Especially with the chilling Isabel around and the newly ressurected Jordan Collier. Thank goodness Jordan didn't appear until the end of the third season. But now the show is getting really confusing. With the 4400 center, NTAC, the Nova group and Isabel with Dennis Ryland, you don't know who the bad guy is. With Dennis Ryland getting out of NTAC, Tom and Diana to help the 4400. But doesn't mean it has been easy street for Tom or Diana. This season, Tom has been impersanted by a 4400 Nova member, his girlfriend helped the Nova group and has been on the run, his son Kyle has been in prison almost all season and he has been told to kill Isabel by those from the future who took the 4400. While Diana, her future-seeing daughter Maya had been plucked from time and taken earlier in time and she suffered her loss and then was injected with promicin and almost killed her. Meanwhile, Shawn has gotten in bed with the recently-adult Isabel, almos tgot married with her and was betrayed by the Nova group. Richard, Isabel's father has had to take care of Shawn and see invunerable Isabel get darker and gotten his own telekenic powers.

I do like where the season has gone. Great stuff with Isabel, really. And they have added plenty of new stories to be continued next year. There is a war is coming but I wonder if this X-Men-lite will live up to what it is building up to.

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