Wednesday, June 28

Nip/Tuck Season 4 brings Richard Chamberlain

Guess what everyone! Nip/Tuck is coming back this fall for its fourth season and Richard Chamberlain (Thorn Birds, Shogun, Dr. Kildare) 72, will guest star in the second episode. TV Guide magazine claims he makes a 'rare appearance' but he has done a couple roles in this century, guest starring in Drew Carrey, Will & Grace, and Hustle. Not so rare. Anyway, they made a point that he revealed he's gay three years ago. Maybe the reason he guested in Will & Grace but I don't remember.

Anyhoo, he was a big heathrob back when and he believes that it was best he kept his sexuality a secret. In Nip/Tuck, he plays a gay millionare Arthur Stiles. Now, these days it is still dicey for an actor to reveal their sexuality but good for him that he is getting respect now. In the episode, he brings in his young lover (Thad Luckinbill also from a soap, The Young and the Restless) to McNamara/Troy. Dr. Christian Troy (Julian McMahon) makes the guess that Siles is trying to make his lover look like a younger version of himself. In Nip/Tuck tradition Arthur Stiles is a 'man of questionable character.' Apparently this is based on actual events, specifically something Liberace had done.

I wanted to find out if it was true that Liberace did this to his lovers and found an CNN interview between Larry King and former lover Scott Thorson (who wanted palimony at one point) in 2002. Click here for it and here is an excerpt from it:

KING: All right, as I said, you do sound like him, and anybody watching this now will notice the inflections. What do you mean plastic surgery?
THORSON: ...I put on quite a bit of weight. And Lee was not very happy with me. And through his hairdresser, [omitted] he was introduced to a man [omitted] which was a plastic surgeon..... As a matter of fact, I just had the implant for my chin taken out.
KING: To make you look what?
THORSON: ..And Lee
(Liberace) was introduced to the doctor and he says, "I want you to come with me." And Lee walked him through -- went into the -- you know, into the bedroom and said -- there was a picture of Liberace. Oh, I guess he was probably in his 30s, Larry. He says, "I want you to create Scott to look like me when he was younger; so he looks like my son." He wanted me as his son. But at the same time, he wanted me as his lover.
KING: Bizarro.
THORSON: Bizarro, time.

I can't believe it but wow, sounds plausible. Also, if you got enough money, any um, self-love can happen. I forget the love for it. Neptisim? no that's not it. But wierder things have happened on Nip/Tuck. Thad Luckinbill looks pretty happy in the picture at the top anyway. Let's compare young Richard Chamberlain and Thad Luckinbill's looks.

He looks familar? Well, he was the object of everyone's attention in Buffy the Vampire Slayer seventh season episode "Him" where a football jacket made everyone attracted to him even resident Lesbian Willow.

Richard Chamberlin even did the voice of the narator for Saban's The Little Mermaid American dub.

He was recently on CSI. Thad looks like he has been through enough plastic surgery or skinnier than he was before. Strange since history has shown that blondes in Hollywood tend to get chubbier (Leonardo Di Caprio, Nick Carter, Anthony Michael Hall (Edward Scissorhands anyone?), etc.)

Richard in Dr. Kildare, he has been in a thirty-year old relationship with his partner Martin Rabbett and live together in Hawaii.