Wednesday, June 7

Platonic Realtionships & Windows on TV

I've noticed a common occurance in television, especially children's programming. When it came to platonic relationships between girls and boys, for some reason the boy always climbs into the girl's window. Well, the two examples I have are from Nickelodeon.

First of all, in Clarissa Explains it All Clarissa's friend Sam (Sean O'Neal--who only did two Anime voiceovers four years ago) came in through her window. I don't remember if their relationship ever changed, maybe it was hinted on.

Nine years later with As Told by Ginger, Ginger's friend Darren came through her window as well and then became her boyfriend.

In the movie Whatever it Takes (2000) Shane West and Marla Sokoloff were best friends and communicated through their neighboring bedroom balconies. They then became involved at the end of the movie. Their parents really messed up by having their bed rooms next to each other.

What could this window/girl-boy best friend relation metaphor be?