Wednesday, June 21

Murderball Rant

Usually I would do a review, I saw Murderball, great movie, but I still got to reasses it or see it again to do a review. The eye candy attraction is Mark Zupan but the true star and were there is real development is the bitter Joe Bishop. Calling him bitter isn't fair but he is a wonderful person to see in movie form. This is a documentary if none of ya'll know. Joe Bishop, was in the U.S. wheelchair rugby team. He was a champion, then there was rift and then he became the Canadian coach. The movie goes through the motions as he perpares his team to beat his former team.

Yes Mark is hot, he has this redneck rock star jock quality. When people said 'All-American' they think cleancut, blonde, blue eyes, corn-fed but he is a true American. Being himself and relax with himself and kicks ass.