Sunday, June 18

Batwoman Special

It has been announced that the Batwoman/Kathy Kane will return to DC Comics after a 27 year abscence. She will be featured in the 11th issue of 52 which is set after Infinite Crisis in a world where Batman, Wonder Woman and Superman have retired. But the biggest kicker is that she will be a lesbian and ex-lover of Detective Renee Montoya. 52 hosts many multi-cultural versions of DC heroes such a Mexican Blue Beetle, African-American Firestorm and Asian The Atom.

Alex Ross drew up the new costume and here is more in this article! He even reveals this design was for a re-vamp for Barbara Gordon Batgirl that her spine was going to return thanks to Lazarus Pit. Much to my disapointment, he didn't change much from Batgirl to Batwoman, not even the color which he reveals the red was going to be reference to the Lazarus Pit.

Here is some history on Batwoman:
Kathy Kane was introduced in the Silver Age of DC Comics in Issue #233 (July 1956) of Detective Comics. She mostly guested and was involved because many readers inquired about Batman and Robin. Also the reason why they added Robin's aunt in the 1960's Batman series. She was introduced before any form of Batgirl. In fact the first 'Batgirl' was her neice Betty Kane, as Bat-Girl. Batwoman had feelings for Batman but he seemed not to return it. In the 1970s, Batwoman often fought crime alongside the second Batgirl Barbara Gordon. During her retirement, she became a circus owner. She was killed by the League of Assassins and the brainwashed Bronze Tiger in Detective Comics #485 (September 1979). After the Crisis on Infinite Earths, the histories of Batwoman and Bat-Girl were heavily retconned. In the new continuity, Kathy Kane existed Batwoman never had.

Unforuantely the direct to video animated film Batman: Mystery of the Batwoman had nothing to do with Kathy Kane but had a cool outfit none the less. This version was actually three different women avenging wrongs by the Penguin and Rupert Thorne. The name of one of them, Cathy Duquesne (pronounced "du-kane"), was a homage to Kathy Kane.

Not to be confused with la pelicula Mexicana de 1967 que se llamo La Mujer Murcielago which featured a luchadora in a twisted version of the 1960's Batman costume. She solves the mystery of other wrestlers showing up dead, has no connection with Batman or the DC Universe.