Friday, June 30

My Sailor Moon Dream Cast

For you who don't know, there was a live-action Sailor Moon in 2003 done with Japanese girls. It was great. I can't get over the Japanese Live-action version of Pretty Solider Sailor Moon. Back when, there was talks about a live-action movie done by Disney and Geena Davis. I must repeat that this is all my doing. This is my dream cast. These are young actors I think can fit the bill. For characters like Amy who have blue hair, I would espect the same thing as the show where a black hair girl would transform and don a wig. Sailor Moon pictures from Shingestu web. For video on the series, there is plenty on YouTube. There is also fan-subtitled DVDS out there.

Disclaimer: These picks were done before Gossip Girl and Juno came out.

Sailor Mercury/Amy Mizuno (Amy)
Jena Malone
Age: 21
She has a sweet cherub face and fierce tongue, she can handle Ami’s one-liners. They’d probably have to put glasses on her like the PGSM version (Hama Chisaki).
Best known for: Saved!, Donny Darko

Sailor Mars/Rei Hina (Raye)
Ellen Page
Age: 19
She has a sharp tongue and exudes confidence and vulnerability at that same time, she could play most of these characters except for perhaps Usagi.
Best known for: Hard Candy/X-men: The Last Stand

Sailor Jupiter/Makoto Kino (Lita)
Blake Lively
Age: 19
She can dye her hair. She is tall: 5’8” I see Makoto as a tomboy trying to show off her feminine side by doing ‘girly’ things like cooking and cleaning. Blake would good at this.
Last seen in:
The Sisterhood of the Traveling Pants

Sailor Venus/Minako Aino (Mina)

Amanda Bynes
Age: 20
Could just as well be Usagi. I am picturing the PGSM version of Minako (Komatsu Ayaka), a more serious role and I think it is about time Amanda shows her serious side. She may be the only ‘teeny bopper’ actress I’ve pick from the bunch.
Best Known for:
What I like about you, All That, The Amanda Show

Sailor Moon/Usagi Tskunio (Serena)
Amanda Michalka
Age: 15
Last seen in:
Six Feet Under
She fits the bill and is sweet enough to pull off charming the other girls.
Best known as: Alyson (
Phil of the Future)’s sister

Tuxedo Mask/Mamoru Chiba (Darien)
Justin Chatwin
Age: 23
Maybe a tad close in age to the other actresses I picked but a good rough look to him.

Last Seen in: War of the Worlds

Motoki Furuhata/Andrew (Crown Plaza employee)
Greg Cipes
Age: 26
Best Known for: Voice Actor for Beast Boy in
Teen Titans and others
He can handle comedy and the PGSM version of Motoki is real fun.
He is a turtle-loving goof, still cute though and after Makoto's heart.

Naru Osaka /Molly
Emma Roberts
Age: 15
She is sweet and nice, has acting skills. Knowing her family, she is a jewel in the rough.