Saturday, June 17

Cristiano Ronaldo Special

Gay 'Tottyhunter' (I coined it! Dibs!) internet community have been going crazy about Cristiano Ronaldo, Manchester United's (British Soccer team for ya'll who don't know who David Beckham is) new generation hot ticket (he joined in 2003).
He is from Portugal and is playing for his country this World Cup. He was actually born Cristiano Ronaldo dos Santos Aveiro.
I wasn't so crazy about his look. I didn't think he was so cute (I first saw him when he was 17). But he has gotten older (legal! here in the states... 21) and hotter.
People thought he was hot enough to model for Pepe Jeans and endorse lots of products such as Nike and Suzuki cars (even though he owns a Porsche).
He has an European Metrosexual quality.

Now some fun pics...
Clearly doctored.
And defiantely not.

Just letting it hang out and...
riding high.
Just to remind people that he is a jugador de futbol.