Tuesday, June 27

Transamerica Review

I recently saw Transamerica which I was meaning to watch. With the height of Capote and Brokeback Mountain, people couldn't help but say 'ooh there is alot of gay movies out there.' They no longer say 'ooh there is alot of African-American movies out there.' Hollywood has finally figured out it doesn't matter if their main characters are gay, lesbian, bisexual, or transgender, the movie isn't necessarily about it. In fact, when I first heard of the title Transamerica, I thought it was some kind of vampire-technology movie. That's my wierd mind because Dolly Parton (who sang the Oscar-nominated theme) thought it was just about traveling the country.

The movie is the first for the director but not noticable but what is noticable is the budget. Now, the movie is a road trip movie but doesn't really feel like it. Only going from New York to the south to Arizona, it doesn't feel like a full America showcase. Bree (Felicity Huffman) is a week away with the surgery that will make her a woman, she is completely 'stleath', not much into the Transgender community. She gets a call from Toby (Kevin Zegers who has been in many teeny bopper roles), the son of Stanley, her 'body history' which she wants to get away from. Her therapist holds the signature she needs for the surgery hostage until she sees her son.

Where I am used to Felicity being a mom in Desperate Housewives and she indeed did this before the show but her motherly-ness is still felt. Bree learns to be an adult and mom, when what she thought she needed to be was a mother. Bree is a selfish prude at first but you still love her. Critics have said that when they go see her parents, it gets Soap-Opera-ish, it indeed feels like the movie takes a halt but her sister is not to be missed. Great scenes. As for Toby, he is a child and so vulnerable, a sexual being, he looks for love and want in the wrong places. He believes that all he is good for is sex. My mom thought he was gay, I don't think they will ever understand. He doesn't need definition. When he discovers Bree's biological secret, he feels betrayed.

I think they really did good by picking Kevin. He is indeed a good actor and needs to evolve in adult roles. Many dismiss him for all his previous roles and a big deal to teen girls. He is a pro, done many roles since he was little and has done House and the new Dawn of the Dead. Transamerica is a lovely movie, Bree is a great character and this movie is a showcase for her.