Wednesday, June 14

I'm sorry but Dirk Nowitzki is sexy

The Dallas Mavericks finally got defeated by the Heat but at home. Now there has been a lot of talk of how unattractive the 7' feet tall German player is. But he has this lanky big lug appeal. He caught my eye like a year ago. My mom calls him the 'White Devil' because he swaps the balls off the Heat's hands. The thing may be that he is screwable, like you would do someone fugly just because they are fugly.

Now another factor is his friendship with Phoenix player Steve Nash.They are always together. And Dirk sure has a good looking beard, picture unavialable but she's a blonde.
They have the closest friendship two basketball players have ever shared for years. Maybe its a German-Canadaian thing.

But this isn't bad at all.