Friday, June 16

Nacho Libre chick with famous Spanish reporter

In seeing the female lead in Jack Black's new movie Nacho Libre, you just think a regular Mexican novela actress. But there is something astonishing. Ana de la Reguera (twenty-nine years old) is her name...

and she is actually now going out with Jorge Ramos (Fourty-Eight years old), the famous Univision reporter. He has published many books and looks freaking good for his age. Spanish gossip shows have been able to talk to her about it but not been able to talk to Jorge.

Jorge Ramos is known throughout the world and many American jouranlists respect him. But unfortunately Americans don't know about her or care about their realtionship. Well, let's say fortunately because their age difference is still taboo in any country. Even if el todavia es muy guapo, the age difference is distinct (Nineteen years apart). He's even been with Univision for longer than that (he started in 1985). They are my whole lifespan of my nephew apart!