Sunday, December 12

Family Guy Chirstmas Hour Review

Family Guy hasn't had a X-mas special since its second year or so, and I loved the first one, it is a funny episode. This one is a 'A Road to' episode that features Stewie and Brian. It starts out with a beautiful musical featuring the family and almost all the Quaoghians (however you spell it). The plot is that after Stewie is shafted at the mall so he wants to kill Santa. Stewie heads out to the North Pole, with Brian resisting but ending up to say that Santa doesn't exist. But finally reach the North Pole and meet Santa, who is old and dying and depressed. The elves were inbreed and mutated, the reindeer are rabid and like on steroids, hungry for elves. So, yes, the episode ends up with Stewie and Brian being Santa and bringing presents. So it is a dark Christmas special, much like the two episodes of Futurama and the South Park Christmas specials, especially the Wood Critter Christmas.

So the message of the episode is basically the over-commercialization of Christmas, but maybe Futurama handled it better. And even though fans love the Critter Christmas, I didn't like it and found it in bad taste, but that was the point, it was suppose to look distasteful. This Family Guy Episodes I wouldn't want to see over and over again each Christmas, the first one, yes, for sure. What was real funny was Seth Macfarlane's 'father', don't know if it was really he's father, we will soon find out, he sounds a bit like Seth.

Oh yeah and David Boreanaz guest starred as the Aurora Boreanaz.

Ron MacFarlane, is indeed Seth's father.