Thursday, October 21

Project Runway: Andy vs. Michael

I knew it would be Andy vs. Michael. I feel for them all, they all did good, but all together, they really need to grow. I was like, that's all? All other seasons have been more polished, more together. I knew Michael would be out, because they showed a promo of next week and they showed Michael in the work room while they show everyone else at Fashion Week. It look so sad seeing Michael by himself, the episode really made you feel for Michael. I don't hate Michael, I think in reality Andy should have be kicked out. Michael really has a polished collection and Andy's headdresses are ugly and only the green last minute one I liked, I mean he did his collection in 2 weeks, he is a lot better in a hurry. Poor Michael, Gretchen and Andy were such bitches to him to begin with. I don't blame when he cried and hit the wall. I didn't like that Gretchen hugged him, she is so full of shit. But I do feel bad for her that she was practically homeless and moneyless. I didn't like her clothes, they were boring, the only one I liked was the green one. Apparently green works for Andy and Gretchen.