Tuesday, October 12

Glee Episode Review "Duets"

Great Episode, it seems Sam (Chord Overstreet) might not be for Kurt afterall, but for Quinn. Quinn needs an Emmy for her subtle performance of a woman scorned and all she has suffered. Tina indeed has changed a lot since last season, form shy wallflower, to a woman who knows what she wants. Rumor is that Kurt will be getting a gay mentor from a all-boys school but I hope it doesn't turn out like in Dawson's Creek where the gay guy fell for an older guy and he turned him down because he already had somebody. In two weeks, we get Rocky Horror and Sam is the shirtless hunk! Yay! Anyhoo, Mike Chan is quite charming. Also, it seems that Brittany may indeed have feelings for Artie. For you guys who haven't seen the episode, Brittany wants to duet with Artie, for revenge against Santana, who wants to duet with someone else. They have sex and Artie looses his virginity.