Wednesday, November 17

Glee - Gwen Paltrow Guest Stars

Gweneth Paltrow guest stars as a substitute teacher and I am currently a substitute teacher and I will never do High School. I didn't do great in high school the first time socially and don't want to go through that hell again. Holly Holiday's backstory is that one fat black girl knocked her out when she was angry with her, she called her a female Biggie Smalls but she looked to me more like Precious with glasses. Anyhoo, from then on, she was the 'cool' sub. She subs for Mr. S for Spanish and Kurt gets her to sub for Glee club when Mr. Shue is sick and Ms. Me Me Me (Rachael) tries to take over. There is a subplot where Mercedes is jealous of Kurt's new budding relationship with Blaine (Darren Criss). We only see Blaine in one scene, which is a bit discriminatory as all Mercedes can hear is 'gay gay gay' when they talk but it was funny with a little pink purse came out of Kurt's mouth. And that is not the only delusion, when Shue is sick, he sees the Glee club as little children, saying adorable things like 'oeuvre.'

Sue gets to be principal because she made Figgins sick and made some blackmailing to politicans or some shit, who cares right? Sue doesn't get much done, she proudly wants to disband Football but Coach Bieste makes her realize that what will her famous Cheerios cheerleaders cheer for? How short sighted is Sue anyway? There is a dream sequence of Shue's where Shue and Mike Chan perform the "Make Them Laugh" rountine from Singing in the Rain, which is his favorite movie when he's sick. He's ex-wife comes back, they have sex but he admits it was a mistake. I love the actress but hate the character.

Sue fires Shue when he returns to school still sick and hires her new BFF Holly. But when Holly allows Mercedes to ruin Sue's car (some bad subplot of Sue banning junk food that apparently only plus-size girls like), Holly realizes she is in on over her head. Thanks to Audio Tuning, Paltrow has a great voice, a sure bet is that she's on the show to promote her new album. I am surprise Paltrow didn't sing a Coldplay song while she was at it. She has great chemistry with Matt Morrison, it is a shame they have so little screen time together. They all do a wonderful Singing in the Rain/Rhianna's Umbrella mash-up mix. Save for Paltrow's character Holly (who I could have seen Lisa Kudrow doing better), Mike Chan's pratfalls, and Blaine, this episode was sub-par because the insulting 'gay gay gay' sequence and the as-insulting insinuation that fat girls only like fried foods and all Mercedes needed was a man. When does longing for food equal to need for a man? And why does she need a man to fix her problems?