Monday, October 11

Beauty and the Beast Comparison between Original and Extended Edition

The "Human Again" sequence was added to Beauty and the Beast for the 2002 DVD (after the duet "Something There"). It has been re-released once again on DVD this week and I say thank god because the 2002 DVD was impossible to find and out of print. The new one comes with new extras... only available on Blu Ray unfortunately. I don't have Blu Ray so I can't see it but luckily it came with regular DVD, so I can see it, it has the three versions--regular, the extended version and the unfinished one that showed in New York (which is a fun watch). Anyway, I have never seen anyone compare the scenes after "Human Again" because in that new sequence, the gang cleans the house---so the Beast's room has been spruced up, but up until Belle leaves, so logic tells us the Beast messed up his room again because she left.

The "Human Again" sequence was added immediately before Beast takes his bath, as you can see, they fixed the torn sheets, fixed the mirror and cleaned up the floor.

And as you can see below, Lumiere's chair has been changed to some sort of footstool probably because the chair was at an angle and it would be too much to add a chair.

It seems Cogsworth's movements had been changed a bit, including one animation I loved and I have no idea to why they changed it.

Now here it is the part, it is to after Belle leaves...

Cogsworth asks Beast 'Why?' and he does it in a dramatic fashion. This animation has completely been redone and I have not seen anyone mention it online. It is not even mentioned in the Director's Commentary. As you can see, in the new one, he has barely any shadow and Beast's tail is barely in the shot. Cogsworth does a more subtle 'why' looking upwards. I loved the way he used to do it. I've been trying to make a video of it but having great difficulty in doing so.