Thursday, October 28

Project Runway Season 8 Finale Review

Wow, a pee break. The discussion between the Judges was interesting. This was a 2-hour special and the reunion special was sandwhiched in between. I wish it was a bit longer so they could lay more into Ivy. And those promos with the Fairy Job Mother were horrible, those guys are no actors, well, except for Ivy. I loved what the judges had to say. I didn't like Andy's, I like Mondos, but I think it could have had more oomph, it wasn't as strong or polished as Seth Aaron's last year, and they were very much alike. Gretchen's looked much more better with styling, but it could have had more color and more diversity. Gretchen wouldn't stop crying through the 2 hours, it is true that women get called bitches when they are strong but she did say back-handed and two-faced things about the designer's designs. She said it wasn't personal but to their faces, she said the DESIGNS were good and then something else to the cameras. But I know women like her. ARGH, I can see her panties! Eww!

Salt and Sugar, which is your choice?