Saturday, November 27

Disney's Tangled Review

I have loved the Rapunzel story since I was a kid, mainly because it hadn't become a Disney movie yet, but secretly did want it to become one. I have been anticipating this movie for a while, and so have been one of my friends. This movie started out as a story of a boy and girl from modern times stuck in the story, but Disney wisely thought to go back. To lure the boys and avoid the low box office of The Princess and the Frog, they focused more on the man. In the original Grimm tale, the man was a prince and Rapunzel was stolen because of stolen radishes. The witch here has been turned into Mother Gothel, who has no powers. A magical regenerative flower was found by old Gothel. Rapunzel's mother was sick while pregnant and was fed the flower, giving Rapunzel magic golden hair with said powers. Gothel stole Rapunzel and used her power every day to become younger, cheating life. Rapunzel has to sign in order for her hair to glow.

The movie has beautiful animation, using new technology that lets combine hand drawing (digital pens) with computer animation. It is inspired by the Rococo paintings of French artist Jean-Honore Fragonard, supervised by Glenn Keane (producer)---who is responsible for Ariel and the Beast. So, the love interest is Flynn Rider (Zachary Levi), who is a thief, not a prince, he steals the Princess crown. Rapunzel's royal parents send off flying lanterns in the air every birthday of hers and she seen them and wonder what they are and longs for them. Donna Murphy (Mother Gothel) does a great job. The songs aren't all that great, they are composed by Alan Menken, but doesn't have the flair the movies of the early 90's had---(I know everyone compares everything to The Little Mermaid), but what is missing is Howard Ashman. There truly is no other like him. But they gotta find one. Because the songs don't move the story, they state stuff we already know.

I went with my best friend, who I know will read this eventually and she says she got swept into the story. The movie is funny and the story is good, you feel it is a developed world, these characters will continue. Flynn as a hero gets knocked out all that easily. Flynn is rather sexy comes a long way since the Prince in Snow White; male animators have always have had trouble with the 'Prince.' Even though it has been reported it was hard with Prince Eric, prince Eric of the Little Mermaid is a pretty memorable Prince by many who grown up with the movie. Many ASFR and Male Knock Out fans will love what happens with Flynn. Rapunzel doesn't back down, she has a love-hate relationship with Gothel, a psychological abusive relationship. Rapunzel doesn't need saving from Flynn but does save herself and him. One thing I have to commend the producers and writers with is that you can feel the progression of romance between Flynn and Rapunzel, there are memorable scenes with them that show progression of them falling in love---much much better than those in The Princess and the Frog.

The romance between the heornie and hero in The Princess and the Frog felt forced. Mandy Moore does a great job as Rapunzel, she was a pop singer and has an awesome voice and she is a good actress so did a great scene. Basically, the movie is funny and the characters are memorable. Okay, here is the SPOILERS: I didn't like how Gothel died. I felt she could have lived, that Rapunzel could have left her, I hate this trend of villains falling to their death in Disney movies (Gaston from Beauty and the Beast, the cat in Cinderella, Mufasa in Lion King, the priest dude from The Hunchback from Notre Dame, and so many others).