Sunday, October 31

Monster High Review

I have always had interest in Girls Franchises. This one is interesting as it is not Bratz. Mattel has dolls called Monster High, the commercial for the website has been airing like crazy, more than the doll. The commercial contains cartoon versions of the dolls, so does the Nickelodeon special, webisodes on the website and the msuic video that aired after the special. The animation in the commercial and the music video is much better than the one in the Nickelodeon special and webisodes on the website. The cartoon animation of the webisodes and the special seem to be like Flash animation.

A 30 minute episode entitled 'Dawn of the Dance' will air on Nickelodeon October 31st 2010. The show is made for Halloween. I saw the episode, the episode is pretty a-typical for a girl show, even though the girls are daughters of famous monsters and have creative names, the episode in itself is stereotypical in girl worries. Frankie Stein is the new girl and wants to be a cheerleader (here Fear Leader), she worries about fitting in and lies to Cleo, the head Fear Leader, telling her that hot boy Deuce M. Gorgon (son of Medusa) is her boyfriend but in reality he is Cleo's boyfriend. So Cleo throws a hissy, Frankie 'fixes' it by having Justin Biter (Justin Bieber only has the name in common, he looks nothing like him, more like a stereotypical 90's rocker) do a concert. The web shorts are the same too, basically what old men think girls worry about, no real morals and it doesn't seem it is a in-joke. I think they are actually being serious.

Ghoulia Yellps (above, left) is a smart zombie that did not appear in the commercial nor the music video, but did appear in the TV special and web series. At Comic Con 2010, new figure Hot Hyde and Ghoulia were revealed, they are part of the 2nd wave of the line. The first basic line includes Frankie Stein, Clawdeen Wolf, Draculaura, Lagoona Blue, Cleo De Nile & Deuce Gorgon. I am surprised to say that the dolls are beautiful crafted and detailed. My favorite design is Lagoona Blue, who seemed to have an African-American voice in the commercial but an Australian accent in the special and web show.

Review on the Dolls

And the daughters of famous monsters going to a school is not a totally original idea as in 1988, Scooby-Doo and the Ghoul School already cover daughters to famous monsters.