Monday, November 8

About Demi Lovato's depression

This has been going around a lot, about Demi Lovato being stressed out too much at work, and she has had the habit of cutting herself lightly, not for suicide but for a release of some sort or whatever other reason. She has admitted herself for help, which I think it is a good idea, that she should get help. I can understand where this is coming form. I have had depression for years and started as a teenage and so was anxiety. People can say that she has everything, a teen star, lots of money and easy job, but it can be stressful, she can be overworked or told she isn't good enough, not thin enough, etc. Even if she is treated well, she could have her own anxieties in her mind that invade. We all have doubts, sometimes they grow too big and get to us. I sure hope she gets help and works out whatever she has to work out.