Saturday, October 30

The Black Cauldron on ABC Family

The film is based on Lloyd Alexander's Chronicles of Prydain book series, which is in turn based on Welsh mythology. It debuted in 1985 and took many years to make, maybe 8 or 5. John Katzenberg came in when it was almost finished and he wanted to cut out a lot of the violence. The animators told him you can't edit an Animated film once it has already been animated. Anyway, Katzenberg made the hard work into a mess, the quality isn't 100%, it was a box office failure. This morning I wake at 8:30 to discover it was airing! It aired from 7am to 9am on ABC Family and it is not scheduled to air again any time soon. They most likely aired it for Halloween, it would have been nice to get a heads up.It was the most expensive animated feature made as of its release in 1985. It cost $25 million to produce, but grossed only $21 million at the North American box office. In September, it was released on DVD.