Tuesday, November 23

Furt Episode Review

Wow Sue actually standing up for people. She is still principal. The plot is around Kurt. Kurt's dad is marrying Finn's mother and Kurt is the wedding planner. Dave Karofsky is still bugging Kurt, so Rachael wants the girls with football player boyfriends to tell Karofsky to stop bullying Kurt. Kurt didn't ask Rachael so Rachael is amazing for caring so much for Kurt. Sam proposes to Quinn but she's not having it, not just yet. Finn decides not to fight Karofsky. Mike, Sam and Artie do fight Karofsky. Meanwhile Sue's mom (Carol Brunette) arrive for Sue's stupid wedding to herself and Carol does all the mannerisms that Jane Lynch does and it is great. She is really great at it. The tension is high. Sue has a meeting with Karofsky's dad and Karofsky after Kurt's dad witnessing Karofsky making fun of Kurt. Kurt admits to his dad about the bullying but not that Karofsky is really gay and told him he would kill him.

The Glee gang sing at the wedding for Finn's mom and Kurt's dad. The Glee gang does rag on Finn for not defending Kurt. he does start feeling bad, especially when Kurt's dad scolds Finn for not defending Kurt. Oh yeah, and Rachael admitted to Finn to not having sex with Jesse (Power of Madonna), and Finn doesn't tell her that he had sex to Santana. Santana threatens to tell Rachael the truth, even after burning that Rachael did not include her in a girl pow-wow. Will Shue kind of gets a back seat in this episode. Sue and her feelings over her mother and father's decision to abandon them and hunt Nazis (or just family members of Nazis who may or may not have been Nazis, they weren't even military!) are relate-able, but it does link to why Sue is how she is today.

There is such a stunning and beautiful speech from Finn, saying that he and Kurt are brothers, brothers from another mother, that they made a song in their honor, OMG he ask for them to dance together, he said no. But it was so beautiful of Finn and unexpected of Glee to do so, well any TV show to do so. It was also interesting that Blaine was not involved. Probably they thought it would clot too much. It was so touching to see Kurt and Finn dance togehter. Because when Kurt was teaching Finn to dance, he didn't want to be seen dancing with him.

Oh, and the shocker cliffhanger? Oh yes, Kurt decides to go to the all-boys Academy, it is sad that his parents chose not to go to the honeymoon but it was touching and you can see Finn's mom's feelings. It was touching that Finn and Merecedes walked out of sitting and asked Kurt why and plead to come back. At least we are going to see Blaine next week.