Thursday, October 14

Project Runway Season 8 Final Five Review

The final 5 were Gretchen, April, Andy, Michael C. and Mando. Tonight April was sent home. Gretchen was strung out and admitted she didn't like the challenges. She's nuts, she is debt and has done some gambling with her credit, she is also super bitchy---still criticizing the other's designs yet she can't take critiques right. April just didn't take risk, Tim Gunn told her to use color, yet she did not. When everyone was asked for asked 2 to pick to go to Fashion Week, no one picked Michael C. and everyone looked bitter when he was the first to be picked and win. Michael has talent and the others are jealous, it looks like laziness but he really puts thought into what he will do. I think next week it will for sure by Andy vs. Michael C. for the third spot because the finale will definitely be between Mando and Gretchen.