Tuesday, November 9

Glee Episode "Never Been Kissed"

I had to cover this episode because Kurt is the heart of the show and it was such a great episode.
"Never Been Kissed" is about bullying. Bullying on two sides, student and teacher. Student being Kurt, gay bashing by one specific person--a football player of course. Kurt is upset that no one seems to care. He then goes to spy on an all-boys school. There he meets Blaine (Darren Kriss), who is super hot in singing "Teenage Dream" by Katy Perry with his glee group. Blaine and two friends take Kurt for coffee and Blaine admits he is gay and when they say they have a no bullying policy, Kurt cries. Blaine asks the other two to leave and they discuss anti-gay bullying. He tells Kurt to confront his bully, so he does and follows him to the boys locker room. The bully kisses Kurt and Kurt backs away so the bully leaves. Blaine and Kurt confront the bully but it doesn't go well. In real life, I would have not recommend doing that. Kurt admits that that was his first kiss.

Sam (Chord Overstreet) is told by Flynn to think about coach Beiste to 'cool down' and not go and have sex with their dates. So Quinn finds out--sort of and tells Coach Sylvester, causing Bieste to ask Will what is going on. Will confesses the truth to her and Beiste quits. The last scene with Beiste and Will (Beiste admits she was not kissed ever either), I knew it would lead to a kiss, predictably. I felt like it was lip-service, but Matt Morrison has this gentleness and authenticity that made the scene understandable that he was not doing it in pity. I don't like the idea of people being bullied being people not being kissed, but I guess it was a coincidence and it had to go with the title. The most effecting parts are Kurt parts.

On the other storyline, Puck got out of juvie and for his community service, he spends time with Artie in a misguided attempt. So he shows Artie bad things as a bad boy but in the end, Puck admits he hated it in juvie and Artie offers to help him, be a good influence. So Kurt continues to be bullying but he is smitten, he hangs a rather large photo of Blaine in his locker room. Wouldn't Blaine just give a new friend a little picture? I thought Kurt and Blaine would kiss but I guess they are leaving that for another episode, how he will be a recurring character. I really love the idea of seeing Blaine more. Like I said before, I hope Blaine doesn't end up breaking Kurt's heart.

Gwyneth Paltrow next week? Wow, that came from left field, even with the over-exposure of Glee that I hadn't heard about her.