Friday, December 3

Teen Titan's Ravens being developed into a series for The CW

Network The CW are in talks to adapt “Raven,” into a series. Diego Gutierrez (His other credits include “Without a Trace,” “The Shield,” “Kingpin,” “Buffy the Vampire Slayer” and “Dawson’s Creek.”), who most recently served as co-exec VP on “V,” is writing and will exec produce. Raven once appeared before in The WB/Cartoon Network's "Teen Titans." They say it will be a replacement for "Smallville." It is good idea though, to have a heronie. I am hoping for something better than "Birds of Prey," the short-lived WB series featuring Black Canary, the Huntress and Barbara Gordon (ex-Batgirl)--which had bad writing and a so-so cast. But Gutierrez has a good rep so let's hope CW greenlights it.