Tuesday, October 23

Beauty and the Geek Season 4 Ep 6 Review

The kids were lucky to go to Comic Con and some of the beauties didn't appreciate it, it was kind of wasted on them. As usual, I did not like Sam's superior attitude about comic books not being important. The challenge was for the beauties to come up with their own superheroes and for the geeks to make outfits for the beauties. Bad idea with the sewing. For some reason, Sam won. He looked like a WWE wrestler and even the judges said, "You look like the guy that used to beat me up." I actually liked the aqua hero Erin and Jesse did. I hated that Sam and Nicole picked Jesse and Erin to the elimination round. They were chosen before and they weren't as bad as others. I think William and his chick should have been sent. In the elimination round, I was interesting to watch the girls struggling with the comic book stuff. They questions were easy, regular stuff. The locomotive part of Superman is very well known. It was even more funny how the ladies didn't even know the fashion questions. It did suck that Erin and Jesse were sent home.

Yeah, I didn't like that Sam won, Nicole took the easy way out by not sewing and just sticking tape with shorts. As for the rest of the episode, Jen and William kept fighting and it seems their fightng reaches the boiling point in the next episode. I found it strange that David could not sew, I thought he was a role playing geek. Well, I guess that would mean he could sew.