Sunday, October 7

What happened to Anna Faris' 'Smiley Face?'

I was all excited that Anna Faris was getting her own starring role movie without 'Scary Movie' as the title, also that the movie Smiley Face is probably the only pot movie involving a woman. It was a big hit at the Sundance FIlm Festival and got modest reviews. It was set for a July 27 release but for some reason, it never premiered. Now it has reported, that for some unknown reason, it might just be shown in one theater in L.A. (which the industry does to burn out--pun intended---a movie) and just go straight to DVD.

This MTV Article talks more about it

So Anna Faris is disappointed and so am I. People have been talking for years about how Anna Faris deserved her own movie. As MTV says, "Smiley Face" seemed like a sure bet to break out Faris, who portrays Jane with an eye-opening mix of physical humor and utter lack of vanity. And they bring up that it is strange since R-rated comedies have been hits lately like Knocked up and Super Bad. The movie also stars John Krasinski, Adam Brody, Jane Lynch, Danny Masterson, John Cho, and Danny Trejo.