Saturday, October 6

Wrap it up boys, Male Contraception?

Today I heard on the news about male contraception, which I never ever considered or though was possible and it will completely open new potential and options. For years women have taken birth control pills and men hated put condoms on. Sometimes condoms, even if they don't break, aren't 100% in preventing pregnancy. And spermicide may cause irritation or infection, so that doesn't really attract men. It seems male contraception pills and patches have been in the works for years.

WebMD: New Lead for a Male Contraceptive
Seems they are trying to develop something that doesn't 'tamper' with male horomones. This article from 2004 talks about the mouse chemical GAPDS-- glyceraldehydes 3-phosphate dehydrogenase-S

Male Contraceptive in the Works
This 2006 article talks about the pill called Adjudin.

More Birth Control Options
This is a recent article. "Clinical trials at the University of Washington found that a testosterone gel in combination with a progestin shot (both already on the market) knocked out sperm in 90 percent of men."
Has a lot more options and talk about the alternatives.

Now if these are approved and go on the market, it will be probably take years for them to catch on. Some are said to already be tested on men and some of the side effects have been weight gain, acne and I forget the other one. But that doesn't sound that bad to me. If men don't like condoms, I think their pride will get in the way of them popping a pill. I am primarily thinking about promiscuous men. If women has to have a schedule to take the pills, dunno if promiscuous men will take the regime. I think this can totally help in preventing teen pregnancy but that will have to mean teenage boys have to start taking those pills and that may take decades... well this is just all speculation.