Friday, October 12

My Name Is Earl---I am paying attention

October 11, 2007
In the flashback episode of "My Name is Earl," I decided to translate what Catalina says to the Crabman in Spanish. She says:

"Disculpe. Disculpe Señor. Mira. Yo se que esto no tiene sentido con este programa porque como nuestros viesto yo viene despues de I-dos-K, pero en realidad quien pone atención a esos tipos de cosas."

"Excuse me sir. I know this makes no sense with the program, because as we have seen I came after I-2-K but in reality, who pays attention to those types of things?"

She says I-2-K but I think they meant Y2K. The Episode "Y2k."

Well, I do pay attention.

Watch the episode here

Update 10/13:

Reader Parrish Ethan Danforth e-mailed me the translation to what the Japanese fellow said:

He said, "I really hate doing Japanese stereotypes, but my agent said I should probably do it."

Then after a short exchange he says "Where is he? He's always doing this to me, Let's go."

Update 12/13:
The Smarmy Carny has different translation