Sunday, October 21

Desperate Housewives: WHat are we in the 70s?

When I heard there was going to be a gay couple in "Desperate Housewives," I thought they were going to skip the gay stereotypes and give something different, something that doesn't meet the eye--like with Bree's convening bisexual son. But when Susan met the new neighbors from the city... all the mistaking stereotypes came along. Where's your wife? Oh, partners, are you guys business partners? And then when she found out they were gay, she said that she saw gay people on cable. ::Rolling my eyes::

I know this is the suburbs but honestly. I thought Susan was going to be less ignorant about this. She even contacts a gay uncle, where apparently he didn't know she knew he was gay. In usual Susan fashion, the episode was more about her trying make good with her neighbors. Marc Cherry, the creator of the show, is gay and has gotten scrutiny over the previously mention character of Andrew. Lee, played by Kevin Rahm, definitely is a bitch, as described by the producers. Honestly, wouldn't there just be a bit more progressive?