Sunday, October 28

Why must girls be whores on Halloween?

My best friend who I care for deeply, brought up a good issue when shopping for a Halloween costume this year. The only costumes available these days for girls, most teenage and older, are 'sexy' type. There is no regular costumes. If someone wants to be a regular nurse, sorry no. There is low cut costumes and cleavage-showing blouses. I checked and in some cases, if they do have a regular long-skirt costume---it is more expensive! Some sexy outfits are more expensive but in the same caliber, the sexy one is more than the regular one. When I was in high school, most girls didn't even get costumes. They just dressed like whores. What happened to imagination? I mean, that is great that you wanna look sexy or whatever, but you don't have to lean on that. It is not your only choice. I don't want girls growing up thinking Halloween is just to show off skin. Most girls I knew growing up dressed as witches, pirates and genies growing up.

And what the hell is....