Tuesday, October 2

Beauty and the Geek Season 4 Ep 3 Review

Tonight, the challenge for the Beauties was spotting out organs on human bodies and for the Geeks, making a romantic basket. The power couple Will and Rebecca win both challenges, while Rebecca starts a making out/hanging out thing with Sam. The others believe Rebecca is becoming distracted with Sam and others feel Will is abusing his power. Rebecca proved she was smart when it came to her challenge and her choices to eliminate. She was also very astute when it came to admitting that she was distracted. Sam was cocky in thinking Rebecca wouldn't eliminate him.

I love Hollie, she is the best. Not because she is nerdy but she is so smart and witty. Hollie is so smart, in the IQ test in the first episode, she was impressive. When the girls are talking about Rebecca and Sam being together, one girl said Rebecca must be hearing the sound of little birds and then Hollie said "The sound of condoms are breaking off for Sam." After Rebecca picks her to the elimination round, Hollie said how Rebecca was more concerned with making out with Sam, that jests, "I should have been sleeping with her." Rebecca said Hollie was already smart and Josh was already charming and hot. I agree with that, but he hasn't really shown it in any of the rounds. In the elimination round, both beauties got everything right. It was amazing.

I was so torn for the first time in an elimination round because I liked Hollie a lot and also Jessie and Josh. It is so sad to see Hollie and Josh leave. Hollie definitely learned a lot, Josh maybe needed to learn a little bit more. Hollie says she feels like a different person, I don't think she changed but maybe she will trust her brain more.