Sunday, October 21

Brothers & Sisters: When Gay is just right

As in the last post I was complaining about "Desperate Housewives" treatment of gay characters, tonight's episode of "Brothers and Sisters"--they get gay right. The gay innuendo is ripe and full of culture stuff. Uncle Sal goes to the party of his friend. The friend that recently came out as gay in last year's season finale. It has been alluded to be that Sal is actually gay. But the special that aired before the season two premiere, the producers said he might actually be bisexual. Sal is uncomfortable that the room is mostly of men. To make matters worse, Kevin's ex-boyfriend Scott is the waiter at the party. Then when meets with Kevin, he says, "You didn't tell me your uncle was gay."

Kevin does not take this well. Neither did Tommy. Two weeks ago, Rebecca's friend Lena who was hired to the vineyard when Sal and Tommy works---mistakes Sal for gay when he mentions the bachelor life. Tommy gets angry at the insinuation. So is Kevin. I don't believe it is homophobic on Tommy's part, when you are close to your uncle, you think you know everything about them. Kevin, was sure Sal was straight because that's the way they know him. In my life, a male family member committed suicide and I told three gay friends separately and they asked me individually if he was gay. I was insulted. Not because I couldn't see my family member as being gay or that I thought being gay is a exclusive club, but I believe I know the family member very well. Well, also--a bit off topic but I don't like connecting male suicide with issues of sexuality. Anyway back to show...

Kevin decides to confront Sal about it, he is defensive. Of course, Kevin is the gay expert in the family and he gets to the heart of the matter--if Sal is indeed gay, he could have defended him when he came out to his father--who didn't take it well. All Kevin wanted was consolation, support. He also offers the hand for Sal's own consolation over his sexuality.