Monday, October 15

Tony Snow on the Daily Show

Tony Snow on the Daily Show? Whaaaaa???! Jon Stewart always makes fun of what he says, I would think Tony would stay away from the show, like let's say Bush but much like the Straight-talker, he goes on the show and tries to be Mr. Cool. Yes, I understand that if let's say a guest or host on a comedy show will be made fun of---it is the way things are, but to me, I'm like, not be kissing ass and then talk shit behind their back. Because it isn't behind their back, they can just tune in and see it. In the case of Jon Stewart and Tony Snow, Jon is trying to understand the government people and Tony, well, he was not being a dick. But, Jon was sort of because he would stick on to "Bush doesn't make sense." It gets a bit old.

Jon continues with his jokes and Tony was actually understanding, he wasn't on his 'agenda'... well too much. I mean, yeah he was on his agenda sometimes but not completely. Tony did say, 'no' a lot. He says that the show has a knack to find funny stuff they say---but hello! It's not that hard. Jon's analogy of 'making a sweater out of puppies' sounds like something I would say. Tony pulled away, said 'oh no' and put his face in his hands. It was like he was sticking with middle America, to say he doesn't approve of the joke. Most of middle America, Bush-supporters or old stick-in-the-middle are fuddy duddies and think that is too far. For me, it isn't. Jon says that he respects Tony as a person... Is that true? Well, you cna make fun of someone you respect but not as much as he has. Maybe he does, maybe he doesn't. I did get the sense that they do agree in some forms.